sigh.Controversy continues, the first 78 minutes, Barcelona consecutive passes before the games, when Suarez in the penalty area line transverse cross, the ball hit - Mario Soares on the arm, which is an obvious intentional handball, may Gonzalez Gonzalez ignored the Suarez emotions completely out of control, he lodged a strong protest and therefore received a yellow card to Gonzalez. Just one minute later, Alda - Tulane when stopping deliberate handball, ignoring Gonzalez, Javier Mascherano Gonzalez rushed directly beside yell, Argentines also got a yellow card.When Gonzalez continued to make a penalty against Barcelona, even ignoring   nike air max 90 hyperfuse uka lot of time directly after Atletico handball foul, the game is a draw in the direction of development. However, the first 81 minutes, despite drastic changes in the restricted area before the manufacturing Messi free kick and then kick hit the wall, forming a chaotic situation in the penalty area, Juanfran stumble Busquets very subtle details areAdams found that Gonzalez if it continues to ignore, he probably would have carefully their referee's license, and to some extent, Busquets this fall to Gonzalez "forced" to the point where there is no choice .Gonzalez penalty kick, but this time it is the turn of Atletico aspects hysterical, captain Gabi protest penalty was a yellow card in the game was suspended for nearly four minutes later, Messi in the 85th minute spot kick ball, although the first shot was saved, but he then tip nets. After the game, "the daily sports newspaper" and "World Sports Daily" campaign in the comment Jie pointed out that even if the ultimate penalty Messi helped Barcelona beat Atletico Madrid 1-0 at home, but in fact long overdue Barcelona score, 


Referee Gonzalez enforcement can only be used today to describe the terrible, really I do not know when the second leg guest Vicente Calderon Stadium, Barcelona will not eat dark loss in this regard. Beijing at 4:00 on January 22, the French Cup finals 1/16, Paris Saint-Germain 2-1 at home to Bordeaux, Cavani and Pastore goal, defender Camara red. The first 14 minutes, Digne cross from the left, Cavani outflank break, 1-0, in Paris early lead; the first 33 minutes, Lavezzi shot was saved by Bordeaux goalkeeper Carazo, Pastore intercepted rebound ball, close Tui succeeded, 2-0. End of the game the first half, two goals ahead of Paris Saint-Germain, seemingly victory has been set.The second half began less than two minutes, then by Uruguayan striker Roland Bordeaux pulled one back  nike air max 90 womensminutes, 2-1. Gradually the situation became tense, although Paris still controls the rhythm of the game, but the first 85 minutes, defender Camara eat this individual was sent off for a second yellow card games, making Paris only in the last five minutes to play 11 to 10 Fortunately, they hold better than smoothly to the next round. After the workout almost all European clubs, 16-year-old Norwegian prodigy Odegard finally selected a new owner. Beijing on January 22 morning, Real Madrid announced on the official website, and  Whites have become consistent. This is the name of 16-year-old Norwegian Messi, Real Madrid will be a key member of the future plans. Real Madrid official website did not disclose specific contract details, but confirmed today after medical 



clearance, Odegard will attend a press conference at 20:30 GMT, will accompany the Norwegian Butragueno debut together. At a news conference, Real Madrid will likely announce details of the contract. According to Norwegian media reports prior to his transfer fee will be between 20 million to 30 million Norwegian kroner (about € 2.25 million -338 million euros), and he will choose the 16th jersey in Galacticos.15 years on behalf of the Norwegian national team appearances Odegard, is Norway's youngest international. From last fall, Odegard on a large number of European clubs workouts, including Real Madrid. Two weeks ago, Odegard came to Madrid,  nike air max 2015 mens  and the site to watch the Real Madrid away the King's Cup match against Atletico Madrid. For the next few days, Odegard follow Real Madrid first team training, and has been Ancelotti, C Luo and others blown away. Odegard then returned to Norway, and now they fly back to Madrid, and will soon formally signed with Real Madrid.Odegard's short-term future, a total of three possibilities. One is the direct effect of the Real Madrid first team, but the possibility is relatively small. One is for the Real Madrid B team effectiveness, and appeared on West C game. The last possibility is to be rented to another Spanish team Real Madrid, so he adapted to Spanish football atmosphere and rhythm as quickly as possible.After signing Odegard, Real Madrid's 2020 plan to promote more smoothly. Not long ago, after the PK off Barcelona Real Madrid signed a Spanish treasure Asensio young winger, he is regarded as C Lo