, the points difference to 10 points or less. Warriors had to spray again brothers send field, Curry, although he is not dumped, but it continuously for Thompson with Speights dished out four assists, the Warriors once again will be widened to double digits, eventually Warriors 1nike air max thea mens 26-113 win, the Rockets swept the season.After defeating the Rockets, Warriors completed a season sweep of the Rockets, but it also allows Curry in competition with Harden's MVP accounted for the absolute upper hand, if the final library to do so elected MVP, the game is perhaps this reason the tone of the game. With the Warriors game, when you let the opponent get a lot of offensive opportunities when you can hardly win. Rockets with bloody facts prove this point: they appear half 12 turnovers, lost 10 rebounds; not surprisingly fiasco, were swept four games this season, the Warriors. The two sides had three showdown, the Rockets have lost more than 10 points. In particular, four days ago, Harden was Craig - Thompson thorough anti-death, spray brothers together to cut 54 points, 25 points Rockets home defeat, this is known as direct dialogue tournament MVP, Harden defeat. Therefore, rockets and Harden are urgently needed in the last game between the two sides to get back the face, this is almost the rocket must-win game.Sure enough, at the beginning of the game, Harden shot a fight, a record one-third and two fouls from behind the arc, 9 minutes ago arranged. However rocket scene has always restricted: only in the first quarter, the Rockets lost five offensive rebounds, directly to the Warriors easily get 8 points; with great difficulty catching the score to thin 3 points, the Rockets unfortunately appeared wave of "mistakes tide": Ariza, Josh - Howar



d Smith and consecutive errors to be broken, the Warriors played a wave of 9-0 consecutive attack ability, will be widened to double digits; McHale called timeout is not with, then Howard has been Drummond - Green and Craig - Thompson steals twice, eager to catch the next round, he fired back hard, the ball was Iguodala made the butt: 4 minutes time the rocket appeared six turnovers in the half put the Warriors opened the score 20 points.Newly hatched three percent hit rate is already bad enough, but it can not be ignored is the offensive rebounds and turnovers brought a lot of lost points. Warriors off the first half, the Rockets were 10 offensive rebounds, the direct loss of 12 points - you know the Rockets this season, averaging opponents grabbed 11 but also the front panel; 12nike air max 90 hyperfuse cheap  turnovers is debilitating, only After seven minutes of the second quarter, the Warriors will win by 17 points. Faced with such a bleak scene, the Rockets want to win almost impossible task.Compared to the Rockets last season, the league's defensive level 23, this season's 11th gratifying enough. But in the same opponent, the same problem occurs continuously, enough to give the Rockets coaching staff sounded the alarm, especially a large number of errors can occur more than once this season - the Rockets this season, averaging 17.4 turnovers times, ranked penultimate league. The playoffs are more intense and more targeted duel where a small change in the global weakness will be able to cause a similar rocket forced so impatient, a mistake to send points might magnify the problem, if not increase to make up, I'm afraid this year in turn is a lost season.Although the rocket in the last section of the full chase, but they eventually lost 113-126 to the 



Warriors once again this season, lost all four games duel, was swept. Beijing on Jan. 22, the Rockets 113-126 loss to the Warriors away to brutally opponent season sweep. Harden the game doing all 8 of 18 shots, free throws 16 penalty 14, grabbed 33 points and six assists, but this performance is still not lead back to a victory. A war against the Pacers, Harden personal grabbed 45 points, a season-high brush. But the Warriors and Pacers, an entirely different concept of the team, today's opponent, after all, is the league, no weaknesses on both ends. In fact just before the contest with the Pacers, Warriors defense Harden was just a 15-vote 4, only got 12 points.Whatever Harden true thoughts are, after teammate during mobilization, the cornerstone has said "that is not a strong opponent." From Harden's personal performance, he fell and did not allow themselves to be a joke. Opening  will thirds vote, followed by a foul outside the Warriors continuous manufacturing, and in assists for his teammates, Harden is also dnike air max 90 sale oing well, but ----For Harden, he soon found himself in the awkward position of fighting alone. Howard played like a joke, anyway Ariza and Beverly shots, Motel pace and feel, there is no magic in the past. What to do  Harden can only choose once again impact inside, select Pengci to try to restore the tide for the team.Half-finished, Harden hit rate is not high, a man playing the other team, it is too difficult, but even so he still scored 19 points, showing a cornerstone of skill. Fight to the second half, Harden is