January 22, the Rockets 113-126 loss to the Warriors away to the game play is very depressed Houston, in addition to Harden Everyone outside the four main sleepwalking. Howard particularly among the worst, the first center hung Warcraft title, the audience seven points 11 rebounds and five turnovers, but also remember to eat Bogut three blocks. Before the game has not been open play, World of Warcraft is enough gas heart, one a "dropped three straight games will stimulate us." stimulus does not stimulate not know, but Warcraft stimulated some emotions out of control, it touches can be sure. In fact the first time after opening attack, Honike air max 2014 mens ward strong play on the anti-basket Bogut cover direct opponent was down.Then they intend Warcraft strong inside, the mouth can be chosen to give an inch in Australia, but also pops two big hat. Although Howard believes opponents have suspected foul, the referee is motionless, not at all mean whistled. Seeing the referee was unmoved, Howard simply own "hands on", one arm directly linked to each other's face, although the intensity is not great, but when such an action occurs after referee Howard do not punish, it really justified.In fact, after a technical foul to eat, Howard has been a loss. Only one meter away from the basket once the location of the storm he can actually neither ball into the basket! For this level of World of Warcraft players, 




this is simply a joke. Back to defensive end, Howard rebound is casual, the result is in the hands of the ball Taozou Curry directly. Obviously, after that challenge the referee but the referee some discipline, his mood has been completely wrong.Even Howard ought sent off in the first section, once the offensive end the struggle with rivals, Warcraft is rough hands rough feet, his mouth still grumbling, in accordance with the scale of the referee, he should eat the second technical foul and was ejected directly. Fortunately, the referee eventually be soft. Of course, from the perspective of the process of the game, Howard did not directly cast out, I do not know the rocket lucky or unlucky.In addition to the field with Josh completed several empty then, but Howard did not have any effect. Defense just like a sieve, not the offensive end lower manufacturing any threat. Touches his dissatisfaction spread like weeds like crazy in the game, so constantly on the offensive end by the referee whistled for a foul. Seeing the man do not wantsupra owen sale  to repeat the act, and McHale can make adjustments, he will be substituted.Looking back, Warcraft is about standing, if Howard a decade ago, as a child-like sulk in the field, we may be able to laugh it off, he will be known as the "big kids"; but now Howard is now like a child-like in the field sulk, then you really need to doubt his seriousness and dedication to the game of a degree. 2014-15 regular season continues, sits at home against the Golden State Warriors Houston Rockets, Thompson starters played 31 minutes 16 seconds, 10 of 21 shots, eight three-pointers from 3, 4 penalty four free throws, got 27 points 3 rebounds, 5 assists, helping the Warriors to 126-113 win. On Sunday, the 




Warriors had a big win over the Rockets, it is their third defeat of the season opponents, Thompson in the three games he averaged 19.7 points, 4.3 rebounds and 4.0 assists. The season so far, Thompson averaged 21.7 points and 3.6 rebounds, can get 1.2 assists and 3.0 steals while shooting 47.2 percent, 44.6 percent three-point shooting, the field can hit 3-pointers.After the start of the race, Thompson first one not dumped, and then again from beyond the arc for Harden foul, but he also caused Harden basket foul, but also in the start of the game 2 minutes and 24 seconds after receiving a pass Curry hit the game's first three-pointers. Before the end of the first 6 minutes 52 seconds, Green, not in the third, Thompson grabbed offensive rebounds after a direct shot hit. Before the end of the first 4 minutes and 16 seconds was replaced, Thompson got 7 points, this time leading the Warriors to 26-18 Rockets 8 points.Second section of the game, the Warriors once Rockets tied the score, Thompson 7 minutes and 57 seconds before intermission kicked played, then immediately assists Green-thirds vote, followed by another in the library received a pass in the distance jumper. Under 3 minutes 52 seconds before intermission, Thompson received a pass from Andre Iguodala, thesupra skytop mens   Houston Rockets center Motiejunas reach closure to the situation, still hit the ball beyond the arc. Within 1 minute 35 seconds before half time, Thompson's first hit in the cast, and even vote in the basket even grab tipped hit, and later caused Harden foul hit two free throws, one rocket hit a 6-0 to